Covid 19

BioCell Hospital

BioCell Hospital follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia regarding the global corona virus pandemic and approahces its patients, visitors and medical staff responsibly.


Wearing masks at all times is still mandatory for patients, medical staff and all visitors in the Biocell Hospital. In order to enable each person to feel safe, and at the same time reduce the possibility of infection at BioCell Hospital, the recommendation to keep a distance is still in force, and patients have the option of hand disinfection in all rooms. If you forgot your mask, you can get one at the welcome desk.

BioCell Hospital does not deal with the treatment of Covid 19. However, you can contact us after being hospitalized for Covid 19 for systematic examinations in order to monitor your health after the illness. We also offer our patients the possibility of specific post-Covid examinations and treatments with our team of doctors.

If you feel any symptoms related to the corona virus before visiting Biocell Hospital, please contact us by phone or email in order to postpone the examination or a scheduled procedure.

We appeal to patients not to come to the hospital if they feel any symptoms that indicate infection with the corona virus, but to report to the nearest Covid clinic in order to be tested. BioCell Hospital promotes responsible behaviour, and in order to maintain the uninterrupted operation of the hospital itself, it is necessary that both hospital staff and patients adhere to the recommendations related to preventive measures against the corona virus.