BioCell Hospital

At BioCell Hospital, we take special care of the health of the youngest patients. Children of all ages are treated in the pediatric department, from birth to adulthood.

The pediatric service is organized according to modern principles and includes:

  • pediatric polyclinic,
  • day hospital and
  • departments of neonatology and pediatrics.

Upon arrival at the hospital, you will be greeted and directed by specialized pediatric nurses with many years of experience working with children.

The polyclinic part consists of general pediatric and subspecialist clinics.

In general pediatric clinics, the following are performed:

  • systematic examinations of healthy children,
  • counseling center,
  • vaccination,
  • as well as early development assessment.

>> Complete list of general inspections

A separate entrance, waiting room and clinic are provided for patients with acute infectious diseases. In addition to the examination, complete laboratory, microbiological, radiological and other diagnostics are available.

Patients who require treatment of an acute condition and a short-term hospitalization of several hours are admitted to the day hospital, and patients who require longer treatment are hospitalized in the Department of Pediatric Services. After discharge home, whether it is an outpatient examination or hospitalization, our team will try to follow the child's recovery until healing.

In addition to general pediatrics, BioCell hospital provides services in various pediatric subspecialty areas:

Consultants are top experts in all fields of pediatric medicine.