BioCell Hospital

At BioCell Hospital, the world's most modern methods are applied for the treatment of various diseases and conditions, such as obesity, chronic wounds and chronic pain. In addition, we offer the most advanced medical support for athletes and those who are actively involved in sports.

Regenerative medicine

Instillation of medicine - joint
PRICE from RSD 6,000
Instillation of hyaluronic acid
PRICE from RSD 16,000
Periarticular infiltration Cortico S (soft tissue)
PRICE from RSD 6,000
Soft tissue PRP
PRICE from RSD 48,000
PRP of the joint
PRICE from RSD 60,000
PRP of two joints
PRICE from RSD 75,000
PRP spine
PRICE from RSD 60,000
PRP hip
PRICE from RSD 75,000
PRP of both hips
PRICE from RSD 108,000
PRP of the sacroiliac joints
PRICE RSD 108,000
PRP persons
PRICE RSD 59,000
PRP of the face, neck and décolletage
PRICE 82,000 RSD
PRP of the urateric sphincter
PRICE RSD 77,000
Treatment of back pain - PRP
PRICE from RSD 72,000
Intra-articular injection of joints BMAC
BMAC of the ureteral sphincter
Autologous transfer of BMAC 1
Chronic wound treatment - PRP
PRICE from RSD 96,000
Ovarian PRP 1
PRICE RSD 150,000
Ovarian PRP 2
PRICE RSD 130,000
Intraovarian application of exosomes 1
PRICE RSD 354,000
Intraovarian application of exosomes 2
PRICE RSD 330,000
PEP - enhanced endometrial receptivity
PRICE RSD 150,000
Installation of botulinum toxin for involuntary movements
PRICE RSD 50,000
PRICE RSD 596,000