BioCell Hospital

Surgery at BioCell Hospital includes general surgery, abdominal, bariatric and urological surgery, hernia surgery, as well as diagnostic procedures. In addition to classic surgery, we also offer minimally invasive surgery, which, with almost invisible scars, significantly reduces postoperative pain and recovery time.


Abdominal surgery

Emergency surgery

PRICE from RSD 210,000
Acute abdomen - exploration
PRICE from RSD 180,000
Acute cholecystectomy
PRICE RSD 210,000
Laparoscopic appendectomy
PRICE from RSD 190,000
PRICE from RSD 170,000

Hernia surgery

Inguinal hernia surgery
PRICE from RSD 150,000
Femoral hernia surgery
PRICE from RSD 160,000
Umbilical hernia surgery
PRICE from RSD 160,000
Ventral hernia surgery
PRICE from RSD 180,000

Diagnostic procedures

Laparoscopic biopsies
PRICE from RSD120,000


Hospital day - intensive care
PRICE RSD 38,000
Hospital day
PRICE RSD 28,000
Intraoperative blood saving - Cell saver
PRICE 42,000 RSD